100 Dollar Monster

Someone said this is a scam!


Unfortunately there are many uneducated people online who will call everything a scam. There is even a paid membership site where if you're prepared to pay their monthly $97 fee, they will teach you how to write blog posts, and create YouTube videos calling everything a scam and disguise them as reviews in order to get traffic!


These people are amateur marketers and easy to spot, like this one, you'll notice immediately from the link that this 22 year old amateur who says that 100 Dollar Monster a scam, is doing it to promote his binary options scam..(link opens in new window) .http://www.trustedbinaryoptionsreviews.com/100-dollar-monster-review/


100 Dollar Monster is a totally sustainable business model, we take in $100 when we sell our product package and we pay out $100 in commissions, this is not diffcult math. We earn $20 admin fee every time a sale is made and that allows us to run the site profitably forever. (we're in business too)


Yes, but people say you will just take in lots of Bitcoin and then one day close the site and steal the money!


Firstly, that's not actually possible because we pay out the commissions in Bitcoin on a daily basis, therefore we don't actually have lots of Bitcoin.


Secondly, why would we do that? it would make no sense and simply kill the goose that lays the golden egg. We're aiming for at least 100,000 members and the only way that can happen is with your help to build this opportunity. We earn your trust by paying you your commissions every day as we continue to pay out the 100% of the $100 sale price. 


Do the math, with 100,000 sales we will make $2,000,000, we really do not need to scam anyone, we built this and made it this simple so that anyone can have success and so that you can be confident that we'll be here years from now.