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How long does it take for my Bitcoin payment to be confirmed?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question as there are many factors involved, and we at 100DollarMonster have no control over it. It used to be that pretty much all Bitcoin transactions would confirm within 10 minutes, now we see the majority taking somewhere between 10 minutes and one hour.


March 2017

The Bitcoin blockchain has been backed up for a few weeks now, resulting in a very small number of transactions taking several hours, and an even smaller amount several days to confirm. the only way to speed it is up is if buyer's include enough TX fee to move to the head of the line. Some wallets do this automatically but many are still using hardcoded fees that take a long time to confirm in the current fee market.


In the event that a transaction is not confirmed on the Blockchain within 72 hours the Bitcoin is automatically returned to the sender Bitcoin wallet so there is no possibility of anyone losing any Bitcoin even if a transaction is extraordinarily delayed.