100 Dollar Monster

Frequently Asked Questions


The most likely reason is that your transaction has not yet been confirmed on the blockchain. Here's how to check the status of your transaction.

Login to your account at CoinPayments.net

Click 'Transaction History' in the top menu then click on 'Withdrawal History' and you will see the status of the transaction. If it shows as complete your account approval is imminent.

You can also follow the progress of your payment by copying the TX ID into the search here on the blockchain and click search.

On the results page look in the summary section for 'Confirmations' we need at least 3 before your account is approved.


Unfortunately there are many uneducated people online who will call everything a scam. There is even a paid membership site where if you're prepared to pay their monthly $97 fee, they will teach you how to write blog posts, and create YouTube videos calling everything a scam and disguise them as reviews in order to get traffic!


These people are amateur marketers and easy to spot, like this one, you'll notice immediately from the link that this 22 year old amateur who says that 100 Dollar Monster a scam, is doing it to promote his binary options scam..(link opens in new window) .http://www.trustedbinaryoptionsreviews.com/100-dollar-monster-review/


100 Dollar Monster is a totally sustainable business model, we take in $100 when we sell our product package and we pay out $100 in commissions, this is not diffcult math. We earn $20 admin fee every time a sale is made and that allows us to run the site profitably forever. (we're in business too)


Yes, but people say you will just take in lots of Bitcoin and then one day close the site and steal the money!


Firstly, that's not actually possible because we pay out the commissions in Bitcoin on a daily basis, therefore we don't actually have lots of Bitcoin.


Secondly, why would we do that? it would make no sense and simply kill the goose that lays the golden egg. We're aiming for at least 100,000 members and the only way that can happen is with your help to build this opportunity. We earn your trust by paying you your commissions every day as we continue to pay out the 100% of the $100 sale price. 


Do the math, with 100,000 sales we will make $2,000,000, we really do not need to scam anyone, we built this and made it this simple so that anyone can have success and so that you can be confident that we'll be here years from now.




Our compensation plan is a forced 3 x 10 matrix, what this means is that when you join you are placed into the existing matrix of your sponsor, and you can immediately start building your own 3 x 10 matrix which contains a total of 88,572 positions that you can earn on. If you think of the positions in your matrix as people, heres how it would look...


Level 1 - 3 People
Level 2 - 9 People
Level 3 - 27 People
Level 4 - 81 People
Level 5 - 243 People
Level 6 - 729 People
Level 7 - 2187 People
Level 8 - 6561 People
Level 9 - 19,683 People
Level 10 - 59,049 People


So the total number of people (sales) that are possible in a 3 x 10 matrix is 88,572


You earn a minimum of $5 for every sale in your matrix, therefore 88,572 x $5 =$442,860 is possible from a full matrix. Plus an addittional $50 for every personal referral that you make.



Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question as there are many factors involved, and we at 100DollarMonster have no control over it. It used to be that pretty much all Bitcoin transactions would confirm within 10 minutes, now we see the majority taking somewhere between 10 minutes and one hour.


March 2017

The Bitcoin blockchain has been backed up for a few weeks now, resulting in a very small number of transactions taking several hours, and an even smaller amount several days to confirm. the only way to speed it is up is if buyer's include enough TX fee to move to the head of the line. Some wallets do this automatically but many are still using hardcoded fees that take a long time to confirm in the current fee market.


In the event that a transaction is not confirmed on the Blockchain within 72 hours the Bitcoin is automatically returned to the sender Bitcoin wallet so there is no possibility of anyone losing any Bitcoin even if a transaction is extraordinarily delayed.

No, the only payment method we accept is Bitcoin as there are no fraudulent transaction and very low fees. This also ensures that every member is an active paid member creating a long term viable opportunity for everyone and ensures you will be paid your commissions in Bitcoin every Friday because there are no middle men.

Please see our Getting Started with Bitcoin tutorial HERE

In your members back office click on E-Wallet in the left menu, Then click on Transactions.
Next apply the category filter 'Team Bonus' and click Search.


In your members back office click on E-Wallet in the left menu, Then click on Transactions.
Next apply the category filter 'Sponsor Bonus' and click Search.

Click on Transaction Pin in the left menu, enter your pin twice and click Save
Next go to Payment Preference in the left menu and click on the right hand side of the status button and it will turn green. Click Save Payment Methods
Finally, click the Bitcoin tab at the top, enter your bitcoin address, enter your pin that you just created and click Save Payment Methods.


Top Tip: Create a Bitcoin address or wallet exclusivley for your 100DollarMonster commission payments, then you'll be able to easily identify our payments to you.


Yes, there is a package of 84 banners available for download in your members area. Click on the products tab after you have logged in and search for banners.


We are 5 hugely successful online marketers with over 30 years combined experience and we have made many millions of dollars. We understand the market place and up and coming trends. We operate undercover so that we are not bombarded individually with daily questions, this allows our team to focus on what really matters, support.


Support and timely payments are paramount in this industry; we pride ourselves on full time support and paying people promptly. The success of any Company or Opportunity depends on these two factors. We offer products that people want and need, together with excellent commissions structures, backed up by our top quality support and timely payments paid directly to your wallet with very low fees.


Our goal is to help as many people as we can to succeed online, giving them the income and the freedom that an online business allows.


Your Success is Our Goal!



Purchasing our products for a one-time $100 (plus $20 admin fee) will qualify you for lifetime commissions. You earn $55 per sale and $5 for everyone that falls in your forced filled matrix. Your $100 could make you over $400,000. Yes, $400,000.



We use Bitcoin only.  Bitcoin has become a very good, cheap way to send money peer to peer. A lot of payment processors have costly fees and can be hassle to set up and use.  Bitcoin is fast, very low cost and easy to use.



No. The good news is, all we need from you is name, valid email, and username and you add your bitcoin address to receive payments.



When we receive a withdrawal request from you, we will pay you direct to your Bitcoin wallet.
The cut off time for payment requests is 9 a.m. Eastern (New York) every day. Any payments requested after 9 a.m Eastern will be processed the following day.

Please Note: You are only allowed one withdrawal request per day, up to a maximum of $100,000.
If you've submitted a request for payment and then earn more commissions which you'd like to receive, just cancel your pending payout request and submit a new one for the greater amount.


Once you have made your purchase, you have full access to the product library. And you are locked in to receive commissions for LIFE.  Therefore, NO REFUND is available.


No. You have to purchase the products to get access to them and to qualify for lifetime commissions.



This is an absolute NO. NO stacking policy. We monitor registrations through the use of cookies, IP addresses and device fingerprint tracking to ensure the system remains a level playing field and fair for everyone. If you try, you will be BANNED. You have been warned.



The good news, you can start and make money immediately. Purchase the product with a one-time payment, pay the admin fee and you are locked in to earn commissions.